About me

Tiia Öhman (Helsinki, Finland)

Photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, travel blogger, copywriter

Contact: tiia(a)tiiaohman.com / @tiiaohman on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Works so far:
Bands (The Temper Trap, Poets of the Fall, Happoradio to name a few): Concert photos, festivals, promo pictures, cd covers, music video shootings (making of and stills), documentary photography from festivals, backstages, tour buses.

Music videos: Poets of the Fall – Temple of Thought (Unplugged Studio Live), camera & editing with Captain & Heikki Leino

Movies: Still photography for Pikkuveli (Oskari Sipola, 2010), Veijarit (Lauri Nurkse, 2010) – photos used for promotion, posters, magazine articles etc.

Live tv shows: Dancing with the Stars, X Factor

Portraits: People, kids, pets, weddings, parties, events

Helsinki Camera Club’s photo contests, several top rankings:

  • Photographer of the Year (6th)
  • Grand Contest 2010 (with two photos, placing 3rd and among top10)
  • “Four colours and the joker”, winners used for playing cards illustrations

Other contests:

Chris Weston’s wildlife photography contest (Top 3)

About me… personally

I’ve had a pretty colorful life so far, so it would be quite impossible to share all of that with you, so instead of even trying to do that, I’m just going to tell you about the stuff that I think matters the most.

Like the fact that I consider myself somewhat creative. That’s important to me. Creating new stuff is what keeps me (in)sane and keeps me going. My head is constantly filled with at least 20 new things I’d like to create or to try for the first time. At every single waking second (and sometimes, while asleep), I have a bunch of paintings in my head that want to get out and splashed onto a canvas. With them, there are a possibly a few t-shirt designs, doodles and artistic photos that are scratching at the front door.

And the somewhat less artistic stuff: I think about memes and beautiful inspirational things I could create and opinions I’d like to voice. Books I’d like to write, books I’d like to illustrate. Street photography projects I’d like to start and tiny creatures I’d like to crochet. So, for me, the world is never really quiet. It’s just quiet on the outside sometimes. Which is nice.

I think of myself as pretty loyal. Friends, partners, employees, projects I commit myself to: I’ve got your back, and I aim to never, ever let you down. But you’ll have to give me the same respect back. That much I ask.

I also love animals. My own dog Einari and every other dog in the world, they all make me happy, whereas their maltreatment makes me sick to my stomach. I love nature and wildlife too. I once spent a month in a tiny village in Scotland at a lovely wildlife center just to help out with a big bunch of injured animals. Most of my days with them consisted of shoveling bird poop and carrying buckets of water and food around, but they were still some of the happiest days of my life.

I’m quite certain that I’m a 50/50% mixture of an introvert and an extrovert. I love hanging out with friends and hate long-term loneliness. But on the other hand, I can get anxious in crowds and love spending time with just my dog and a book or the television. I’ve quite enjoyed the rare occasions where I’ve had to be in the spotlight in front of crowds, but I do appreciate the anonymity I have.

I’m quite sensitive about many things and shy away from conflicts (which I think all stems from being bullied in school for years), but over time, I’ve come to see that as a positive quality in myself. It has given me quite a lot of strength and wisdom when it comes to relationships. I’m quite diplomatic in many situations and often, very consciously, make an effort to put myself in other people’s shoes just to understand where they’re coming from, instead of attacking their opinions without question.

I’ve been dealing with depression in my life and diagnosed bipolar, but I consider myself a survivor. In other words: ‘s all good now. However, I’ll always be honest and open about my history with both, simply because I consider mental health something we should all discuss more, and understand more, so we could be more supportive towards those who are struggling. The same goes with the LGBT rights: understand, accept, support. I’m passionate about these things and always try to find a way to help charities that in turn, help more people to lead a happier life without judgement.

I am super passionate about many simpler things, too. There’s music (Radiohead!) and television shows (some of which started the whole Fangirl Quest project), and a few books and fictional characters that simply make me weep… just because I love them so.

And there’s the quite obvious passion: I really, really, really love to travel. I dream about living on the road in an RV, I dream about working in different cities for short periods of time, then moving on to the next one. I dream of Hawaii, Yellowstone, Machu Picchu, Madagascar, New Zealand, Borneo and a hundred other places I’d like to see before it’s too late.

And I love ketchup. I put ketchup on things you would probably never put ketchup on. And I need the world to know so that they can stop shaming me for putting ketchup on my pizza. It is what I like. Deal with it.