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I used to be a rock journalist: I wrote articles and interviews for a super exciting, unique rockzine called Tuhma (“naughty”) in Finnish for a couple of years, and loved it oh so much. Since then, I’ve done dozens of interviews with all kinds of people for several different publications.

I planned, executed and partly translated/subtitled the deliciously long Poets of the Fall interview on their live DVD. I’ve also published a few short stories that peek into their off-stage lives.

I wrote interviews and entertainment articles for MetroLive, one of the biggest online entertainment medias in Finland. Sadly, the website was closed down despite its massive traffic.

I’ve written PR & marketing pieces for several companies and worked on social media campaigns and daily updates since the dawn of, well, social media.

I’ve written and published a children’s book that explained recycling and organic foods to pre-school kids. Hundreds of copies were donated to several daycare centers, and the book was translated into four different languages.

Looking for a writer?

If you’re looking for someone to write stuff for you in Finnish or English, you might want to consider me. I have experience in many kinds of copywriting from the very professional kind all the way to the fun, personal blog style and children’s stories about fairies, princesses and frog princes.

I’m available for frequent work or short-term solutions; whatever it is, just send me an email and we’ll talk it through!

I blog. A lot.

I started my first online diary (now known as a blog) in 2001. Back then, not many considered sharing your private life with complete strangers particularly smart. I remember my mother being worried I’d only get stalkers out of it, and my friends thinking I had gone slightly mad. A big women’s magazine wrote an article featuring me and a handful of other early bloggers — it was all new and exciting. Newsworthy. Peculiar. These days, it’s more of a norm than a quirk to put your whole life out there for everyone to see.

Today, I spend a lot of time working on our film tourism blog Fangirl Quest, but I also occasionally write about my personal life, photography and travel on the biggest online media in Finland; Iltalehti.

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