Tuhma rockzine

Words, words, words

I used to be a rock journalist: I wrote articles and interviews for a super exciting, unique rockzine called Tuhma (“naughty”) in Finnish for a couple of years, and loved it oh so much. Since then, I’ve done dozens of interviews with all kinds of people for several different publications.

I planned, executed and partly translated/subtitled the deliciously long Poets of the Fall interview on their live DVD. I’ve also published a few short stories that peek into their off-stage lives. 

I wrote interviews and entertainment articles for MetroLive, one of the biggest online entertainment medias in Finland. Sadly, the website was closed down despite its massive traffic.

I’ve written PR & marketing pieces for several companies and worked on social media campaigns and daily updates since the dawn of, well, social media.

I’ve written and published a children’s book that explained recycling and organic foods to pre-school kids. Hundreds of copies were donated to several daycare centers, and the book was translated into four different languages.

Etc, etc, etc…

I write something every day. Most often than not I work on travel articles for Fangirl Quest and sometimes, for another publication.

A few examples


Fangirl Quest

Links to example stories in English coming soon! In the meanwhile, you can visit our blog Fangirl Quest for MANY of my stories.



Links to example stories in Finnish coming soon! In the meanwhile, you can visit my personal blog on Iltalehti for even MORE of my stories.