Long time, no blog

written by Tiia Öhman 29th August 2017

It’s been about a hundred days since I wrote my last blog post… and it wasn’t a very happy one. So I thought maybe it’s time to say a quick hello, just to make sure any random visitor coming here will see that I’m still (very much!) active online and in life, in general.

The summer’s been crazy. Our film travel blog Fangirl Quest went viral over the last couple of months in international media and we were also named the most popular culture blog in Finland this year. We were chosen as official Game of Thrones Ambassadors with Satu, appeared in events, attended a few and planned some of our own.

I’ve been photographing weddings, bands, portraits of fantastic people and of course, attending and photographing many, many Poets of the Fall gigs. In between all this I’m doing some writing and arts and feeling like there’s no way I was ever built to do this many things at once, haha!

We have some lenghty trips coming up with the travel blog and all, but I’m still always open to photography & design jobs if the dates match. So feel free to email me with any ideas you have, weddings, portraits, events, that sort of thing and let me know when you’re looking to book me… and I’ll have a look at my fall calendar. I’m open to very last minute assignments as well if I just happen to be around!

I’m hoping to share some of the photos I’ve taken this summer soon. Stay tuned 🙂

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