The Stick Dance

written by Tiia Öhman 7th June 2016

I’m spending the week in Helsinki dogsitting for Iiris, an awesome & super talented gal I’ve known for a few years. She’s out there, somewhere, making amazing new movies, while me and Mökö the Dog spend some quality time as flatmates.

Today I’ve been trying to edit a couple of videos we need for Fangirl Quest, but it’s just been a struggle (possibly, simply because my ideas are way too complicated). However, putting together this little dance video with Mökö wasn’t a struggle at all… Just look at us go!

So, a pro tip for any creative person out there who’s struggling with their work: have a break. Work on something silly for an hour or two. For me, the usual advice “relax and try not to think of work” just doesn’t do it, because there’s no off button: my mind keeps working and worrying. But concentrating on something totally different and fun often helps.

It sort of feels like letting your brain take the scenic route instead of racing down the highway on full speed all the way.

So, behold… the masterpiece. We’re now waiting for Hollywood to call! About time we girls got to party with DiCaprio!

I put the video together with the iPhone 6 slow motion feature + a simple video editing software called Wondershare Filmora. The happy song’s from The Epidemic Sound.


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