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I have a decade’s experience in photography. My areas of expertise include events, stills & making of (TV, movies, other productions), portraits, weddings, pets, travel. Below you’ll find a few examples of my work.

Music & TV

I’ve photographed Poets of the Fall on stage, backstage and behind the scenes since their beginning in 2005. Since then, I’ve occasionally photographed other bands, too – usually the ones I love myself and/or some commissioned work like promotional photos.

I’ve worked in several movie / TV productions as a still photographer and enjoy it immensely: there’s just something about film sets I love, even with all the endless waiting around and staying out of the way of the crew members. They’re usually way more busy than I am in those situations, as filming schedules are super tight.

Travel & Nature

Travel, one of my greatest passion. Travel photography was also one of those things I considered a bit boring during my first years of photography, but slowly, it grew on me. Taking photos of stunning filming locations for Fangirl Quest was really the last straw: it made me a very passionate travel photographer, and I wish I’d some day be great at it, too.

I’ve always loved photographing animals. I love animals, so of course I like working with them. But I also enjoy photographing animals for the same reason I find working with very small children so much fun: both are delightfully unaware of being the center of my attention. That leaves me free to just concentrate on the results and capturing their personality.

People, Events & Weddings

I didn’t originally plan on becoming a wedding photographer, but after receiving some very encouraging feedback from my very first wedding gig at the beautiful Helsinki Cathedral, I decided to do some more of it. Now, two dozen weddings later, I’ve learned to really love and enjoy it. If you’re interested in seeing more of my wedding photos and my price list, please contact me!

I love taking portraits as well. My favorite kind are the ones where I’m allowed to throw in a little creativity, like playing with the lighting or some fun props or surroundings, but I quite enjoy traditional portraiture as well.

I’ve photographed a ton of events, too. Some of them have been formal and business-like, but my favorite gigs have been covering events like fandom conventions, red carpet premieres and the like.