A Little Red Squirrel

written by Tiia Öhman 21st July 2016

Wildlife photography is something I’ve always dreamed of doing. But I guess I’ve been too busy or too lazy to really go for it, to travel to distant places and to hike in the wilderness with a massive zoom lens. I really wish it’s something I’ll be properly doing once I settle down a bit and stop travelling the world looking for filming locations of movies and tv shows.

For now, I’ll just have to go with the little urban encounters with birds and small mammals – like this one.

A red squirrel in a tree enjoying breakfast

Hello, red squirrel!

I just took this photo 30 minutes ago in our backyard while Mister Red Squirrel was enjoying his breakfast. This was the exact moment he spotted me (and my dog Einari who followed me outside), stopped for a moment, gave us a little “tsk” and climbed up the tree, just a little bit higher, just in case.

What a nice start for a busy day of sending emails and talking business. There’s something so zen about watching animals do their thing and silently trying to capture it on film (/memory card).

I think it’s where I, as an atheist, find peace and happiness, and something bigger than life. I’d go as far as to say spending time in the nature is like going to church for me.


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