Poets Of The Fall @ O2 Academy, London, UK

written by Tiia Öhman 5th February 2017

*Matthew McConaughey voice* Alright, alright, alright. Let’s get this out of the way first: these are not going to be the all time greatest live photos I’ve posted (the circumstances* were super hard for a photographer), but since there are a lot of lovely Poets of the Falls fans out there… I’ll just leave them here and hope no-one will judge me too hard.

The gig in London on January 11th was amazing. The crowd was super enthusiastic, I had really good company  (😘 Danny & Essi) and just the perfect mood to both jam & sing along as well as shoot photos.

Despite of some really strange post-gig adventures, lost coat (& friend!) hunting, it was aaaall fine.

Here be photos.

*) Circumstances: packed venue, wild audience, challenging lights, friends I needed to hang out with in the back.


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Claire 5th February 2017 at 10:15 am

Hello Tiia!
I just thought I’d drop a line to say thank you for the pictures. I particularly love the black & white ones, the first one of Marko and the one of Jani posing as a rock-star – like you so justly pointed out on FB or Instagram 🙂 yet again, the “pink-ish” one feat Marko and the one of Markus are great too. Anyway, cool pictures and a very nice gift from you for those like me who could not attend any of the shows… one day, maybe.
Take care Tiia,

PC 5th February 2017 at 10:25 pm

Aaaah! I was there in the front row- it was an amazing night. I did actually wonder whether you would be taking photos but clearly I was too wrapped up in the performance to notice >< Thanks for the lovely photos!


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