Poets Of The Fall @ Tampere And Jämsä, Finland

written by Tiia Öhman 20th March 2017

Hey! Here’s a quick note on Canon EOS M3 and a bunch of photos for all the amazing Poets of the Fall fans out there.

For years and years now I’ve only shot live gigs with my trusty Canon 5D MKII, but the poor thing is getting quite old now. So, I’ve been experimenting with a mirrorless camera (Canon M3) for a change: it’s super light and small to take with me and so far, the results have been surprisingly nice. I’ve still got a long way to go, but then we’ve just started with this little fella.

Shooting live bands in a club (with both darkness and bright lights) is probably the trickiest task for a photographer, especially when not working with an expensive, kickass camera and powerful lenses. But I’m certain that once I know the camera’s buttons and settings like the back of my hand, I’ll be able to take photos that’ll do just fine.

(Pro tip: you should know your camera like the back of your hand – it’ll make taking good photos so much easier when there’s not a lot of time to get it right!)

Anyhoo. Here’s what I got this weekend.

Poets of the Fall @ Viihdemaailma Ilona, Tampere, Finland (17.3.2017)

Poets of the Fall @ Himos Arena, Jämsä, Finland (18.3.2017)

This was a super fun gig! We arrived quite early and attended the meet & greet with the guys and a few fans, including the ever-loyal German gal Stef (hi Stef!!). The M&G’s are usually sold out or at least a *lot* busier, but this time the fans got quite a private moment with the band.

Weirdly, me and Satu never really had our photo taken with the band – and even now Jari the drummer wasn’t around – but we ended up getting a group photo with them. Ha, so much fun. Maybe we’ll get the next one taken sometime in 2025… 🙂

Poets of the Fall @ Himos Areena Finland

We got the band together! Photo: Nina Taylor

Meet & greet

The meet & greets with the band take place at the venue, usually a couple of hours before the night’s gig. There’s a limited amount of availability and the fans get to have a little chat, pose for photos with the band and get their albums and stuff signed. I’ve been to many and they’ve always been very friendly and warm occasions.


Himos Areena is a surprisingly great venue for live bands and always seems to have a pretty colourful audience: a happy mixture of fans of the band and the ski enthusiasts staying in the little cabins at Himos, which is a popular ski center.

We don’t usually go for the front row, but on Saturday we had the perfect mood for it. I’m so used to shooting with a zoom lens from about half a venue away, so this was a bit of a challenge. More times than once my perfect shot was blocked by Marko’s legs (or other body parts) or I was simply too close or too “below” to get a good one.

Other times, we were literally worried about getting hit in the head with the mic stand.

But it was all great fun. Our guys = the best guys.

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