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Wedding photographer
I shoot weddings with one goal in mind: to capture the most beautiful and the most important moments flawlessly. I'm creative, discreet and fun to work with. I'm currently building my online portfolio, but if you want to see more of my wedding photos before discussing dates, please don't hesitate to email me at tiia@tiiaohman.com.
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Arts & Illustrations
Since I was a little kid I've had a pen or a brush in my hand. However, I never quite stuck with one style or technique. These days I do both digital and traditional art like oil paintings and water colors. I design logos, brochures, websites; paint portraits, illustrate fairy tales, you name it. Have a look at my gallery and you'll see a few examples!
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Daily Life

Long time, no blog

It’s been about a hundred days since I wrote my last blog post… and it wasn’t a very happy one. So I thought maybe it’s time to say a quick

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Tiia Öhman | Photographer, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Illustrator. An online influencer through Fangirl Quest, a travel blog concentrating on film inspired adventures around the world. The official photographer for Poets of the Fall. A dog owner. A nice person. A Peter Pan.


Fangirl Quest nominated as the best travel blog in Finland (8/2017)

Nominated as one of the official Game of Thrones Ambassadors by HBO (8/2017)

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