Welcome, friend!

I’m so flattered that you’ve found your way to my humble online abode! This is where I showcase my skill set ranging from photography to copywriting and from social media marketing to doodling cute little things.

I might also write a blog post every now and then. I might write about photography, sharing my personal tips and tricks to taking better photos, or I might write about life and humanity in general. But that might not happen very often, as most of my writing ink and daily inspiration is being happily swallowed by our travel blog project Fangirl Quest.

I’m usually on the lookout for more work, which is one of the reasons this website exists. So, if you’re looking for a photographer or maybe a wizard who can do a lot of creative things for your company or project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Above, just under my bold, watercolour-y name, you’ll see the menu with different titles. By clicking on them, you’ll find some examples of my work and work history. I’ve left out social media managing, as that would probably make a dull page. But I am very experienced in that field, too.

I haven’t mentioned building websites either, as I’m not a professional in that field. But if it’s a simple, responsive and easy-to-manage WordPress site you want (like this, this or this one!), then yes! Let’s do it. I’m affordable, quick and creative.

If you’re here just because you’re curious about me as a person, then I hope you find me super cool and talk to me online! There are links to my social media profiles on the right – come and get me 🙂


Tiia Öhman

Photographer. Illustrator. Graphic designer. Copywriter. Blogger. Social media activist. Website designer. Traveler. Person.

A photographer for Poets of the Fall. A co-pilot for Fangirl Quest

Blogipaviljonki (Finnish bloggers at Matka travel fair 2017)


Contact via email or speak to me online:



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Double exposures from the Niagara Falls

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