New website!

Still working out a few kinks & things, so don’t be alarmed if you spot an error. Carry on! 🙂


One person with a thousand ideas

I have two decades of experience in photography, graphic design, content marketing, copywriting and many, many other creative things. I always love to take on challenges where I can use my skill set in different ways. I also build simple websites (like this one!) and blog almost daily. 


Since it’s hard to describe my work in just a few words, I’m working on a set of examples of the projects I’ve worked on in the past. I hope to get it done soon, but in the meanwhile, have a look around and you’ll get a pretty good idea what it is exactly that I do.

Weddings! Let's not forget weddings!

I'm an experienced wedding photographer with many happy customers.

Now booking for 2018.

Sometimes... I blog

Long time, no blog

It’s been about a hundred days since I wrote my last blog post… and it wasn’t a very happy one. So I thought maybe it’s time to say a quick

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