Portrait photography
Portraits of people, wedding couples, artists, families, pets... I love it all.
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Behind the Scenes
Making of and still photography for movies and music videos. Check out my photo gallery for performing arts in MyPortfolio!
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Travel Photography
I travel a lot and I never go anywhere without my camera. Result: tons of travel photos included in my portfolio.
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One person with a thousand ideas

I have two decades of experience in photography, graphic design, content marketing, copywriting and many, many other creative things. I always love to take on challenges where I can use my skill set in different ways.

At the moment I’m working as a freelancer, but keeping an eye open for any part-time media position. I’m available for short-term, long-term, occasional and all kinds of jobs. So if you have anything going and think we could be a good match… Let’s talk!

Examples of what I do


Travel Photography & Writing

I write travel articles for two blogs (in Finnish and in English) and occasionally for companies and magazines as a freelancer. My stories always come with high quality photos.



Looking to add a little color to your company's website or social media? I can combine product photography, graphic design & my social media skills with a breeze!



Musicians, actors, artists & the like: I'm yours! I'm easy to work with and will make sure that you get a professional, relaxed and smooth photoshoot with results that show you in the best light.


Logos, Posters & Business Cards

I am the perfect little helper for a start-up company or anyone else in need of a new look: I can design your logo, flyers, posters, banners, business cards and more! Bonus goodness: reasonable prices & flexibility all the way!


Portraits & Interviews

I love interviewing & photographing all kinds of people from all areas of life. I've written dozens of interviews for magazines and can also add professional, beautiful portraits to the package.



I have ten dozen illustration styles and I'm not afraid to use them! Be it simple line drawings, medical illustrations for guidebooks or colorful fairytale forests you're looking for, I can work it all.

...and these were just a few examples.

Weddings! Let's not forget weddings!

I'm an experienced wedding photographer with many happy customers.

Now booking for 2018.